Areas of Practice

Family Law

Sometimes people need assistance with the most valuable asset in their lives: their family. This can include adoptions, name changes, and petitions for guardianships. Also, sometimes people need relief from an unfulfilling and unsuccessful marriage or need fight to get custody of a child. Whatever your situation, you need a lawyer with experience but also one who will be responsive to your needs and put your interests first. The Colom Law firm has 30 years dealing with family law matters and the mission of putting the client first.

Insurance & Consumer Finance

When dealing with finance, it’s easy to get confused. Unfortunately, there are insurance companies and financial institutions who use that confusion to take advantage of their clients, resulting in economic ruin for their victims. The Colom Law Firm defends the rights of those who have been robbed in this way.

Civil Rights Litigation

The United States Constitution guarantees each citizen fundamental rights, such as the right to freedom of speech and to equal treatment under the law. Unfortunately, sometimes those rights are violated. If your constitutional rights are violated, you want an attorney with experience in this area of the law, but also one who will fight to vindicate your rights like they were his own. The Colom Law firm has been fighting to protect citizen’s constitutional rights for over 30 years and we’ve always fought for those rights with skill and dedication.

Medical Malpractice

It is the job of doctors, nurses and surgeons to heal the wounded and sick. Unfortunately, some of these medical professionals don't always take their job as the high calling it is, and their carelessness and neglect leads to injury and death. The Colom Law Firm is a champion of those who have been hurt by the medical industry.

Personal Injury

The Colom Law Firm protects the rights of those involved in automobile accidents, trucking accidents and other cases involving wrongful injury or death.

Products Liability

When consumers are injured by products that have been insufficiently tested or poorly designed, The Colom Law Firm diligently protects their rights and holds manufacturers accountable.